Airline Suspension Protection

Airline Suspension Protection is a product offered by tripair,  which allows you to get instant reimbursement up to 1.000€ in case the airline declares bankruptcy before or during your flight. 

It can be purchased only online as it is bundled with the flight. 

More specifically: 

  • Tripair guarantees that you will get the equivalent of the amount originally spent to purchase your flight ticket through our platform. In no case shall Tripair offer more than 1.000€ per flight ticket. This term applies to the event that the passenger is not able to use their entire flight ticket. 
  • In case the passengers have used their outbound flight, Tripair will refund the part of the flight ticket that has and will not be used due to Airline Insolvency and therefore immediate cease of operations. The refundable amount shall not exceed 500€ per flight ticket. 
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